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The last words of Jesus were, “It is finished!”  Have you ever thought about the meaning of these words?  The most common interpretation is that He was speaking about the completion of the sacrificial act of taking on the sins of the world.  This is true, but there is an even deeper meaning to this phrase.  What if the “IT” was not just a sacrificial act on the cross, but a statement by Jesus that He had just completed EVERYTHING that the Father had for Him to do.  This is a mind blowing concept to comprehend.  Not only did Jesus never commit a sin, he was completely obedient to all the Father said to do.  This declaration marked the end of His earthly ministry, but also the start to a new beginning.  Jesus completed everything the Father asked him to do, but He never stopped working to advance the kingdom of God.

Recently, many in “the church” put much prayer and work into the election season.  Although I do believe it is our obligation as citizens to vote for people we feel hold biblical values, I cannot and will not put my hope and trust in a man (or woman) to advance the kingdom of God.  One thing that we are called to do is pray for those in leadership, regardless of their political policies.  Jesus gave us the example of how to function in kingdom ministry to the world.  The end of one thing is the beginning of another.  If we prayed for an individual to win an election, we must continue to pray for them with peace and blessing.  Just like Jesus completed one task from the Father, it opened a new ministry of releasing the Holy Spirit.  Life is filled with a combination of endings and beginnings, enjoy the journey.

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