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Be the Gospel

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Evangelism Sermon Series (Pt. 8)

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Evangelism Sermon Series (Pt. 7)

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Evangelism Sermon Series (Pt. 6)

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Learning to live in the presence of God


We exist to bring people into the presence of God and discover the goodness of God, our position before Him, and who God declares in the heavenlies for those who are “in Christ” We will never arrive or grow tired of discovering all that God desires to reveal.


Releasing the Power of God


At life21 church, we believe that all who take up the call to follow Jesus are in process of being equipped to be leaders to advance the Kingdom of God. People will be equipped in lifes skills, spiritual gifts, discipleship, and marketplace ministry. All equiping if for the sake of equiping.


Fulfilling the Purpose of God


We believe that Jesus’ Ekklesia is created to influence culture in order to establish God’s Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven. Our purpose is to “be His church”, not to just “go to a church”.

We are called to bring forth God’s presence whenever we gather and wherever we go. We believe that God’s presence changes causes people to discover new things about God, ourselves, and who He declares us to be “in Christ”.

Family Atmosphere

We want to create and maintain a family atmosphere for all who come to life21. Whether it is your first time or lifetime member, everyone feels welcomed and connected to the body.

Excellence in what we do

It is a goal that whatever we do, we do as unto the Lord. We are not striving for perfection, but excellence as an offering to the Lord.

Grace in Growth

As we learn to discover, begin the process of equipping to equip, and are released to influence for the expanding of His Kingdom we want it all seasoned with grace, freedom, and order.

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